The 90-Minute Study Hack That Will Make You a Genius : Being a top student requires more than just motivation and hard work. You need to study using techniques scientifically proven to maximize understanding and long-term retention. This genius 90-minute study hack helps you learn faster and remember more for exams.

Step 1: Preview the Material (5 Minutes)

Start every study session by glancing over the material you aim to cover, whether it’s a textbook chapter, class notes, past exam, etc.

Quickly read headings, subheadings and summaries to get a feel for the topic and how concepts flow. This first step gives your brain some context before diving into the details.

Step 2: Read Actively (15 Minutes)

Now begin reading the content properly, stopping after each paragraph or section to recall and review.

Put the main ideas in your own words, asking and answering questions about the material. Summarize definitions and examples. This cements understanding.

Using flashcards to test yourself on key terms is also beneficial. Active reading prevents passively skimming over content.

Step 3: Take Handwritten Notes (15 Minutes)

Writing handwritten notes rather than typing forces you to filter out excess details and capture core concepts.

Jot down a framework of bullet points, drawings, acronyms, and condensed paragraphs in your own shorthand style.

Handwriting notes aids memory. Review them in the days after studying to strengthen recall of key information.

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Step 4: Explain the 90-Minute Study Hack to Someone Else (15 Minutes)

Finding gaps in your knowledge happens naturally when you try to teach it. After a study session, explain the hack out loud to someone else.

Put it into simple terms a child could understand. When you verbalize concepts step-by-step, you quickly realize what you haven’t actually understood.

Step 5: Draw Visual Mind Maps (15 Minutes)

Mind mapping involves sketching connections between concepts using branches, labels and color coding.

Representing information visually via maps integrates different regions of the brain to deepen learning. The color and imagery also makes recall easier.

Step 6: Take a Brain Break (5 Minutes)

Letting your brain relax after intense learning is essential. Take a 5-10 minute break to stretch, snack, chat or anything non-academic.

Brain breaks allow thinking pathways time to strengthen. You’ll return to studying feeling refreshed and recharged.

Step 7: Revise and Review the 90-Minute Study Hack (10 Minutes)

Look over your notes, mind maps and any flashcards again at the end of a study session. What are the key takeaways? Which parts of the hack need more work?

Cementing new knowledge at the end helps transition it into longer-term memory. Review forgotten material from previous study sessions too.

Why This 90-Minute Hack Works

This structured 90-minute routine optimizes learning through variety and engagement. Previewing primes your brain on what’s coming up. Active reading and note taking cement knowledge.

Explaining out loud identifies gaps to improve on. Mind mapping and flashcards boost memory retention. Finally, revising at the end seals the deal.

Performing each step of the hack diligently for focused chunks of time enhances focus. The brain break also re-energizes you for further learning.

More Tips for Using This Study Hack Effectively

  • Stick to a quiet space free of digital distractions
  • Time yourself strictly on each step
  • Maintain focus and avoid multitasking
  • Keep sessions under 90 minutes to avoid fatigue
  • Use textbook/class content for read/note steps
  • Test yourself on practice questions after studying
  • Rework unclear areas, don’t just move on

Start Studying Like a Genius Today

Why cram mediocrely when you can study like a genius? Implement this 90-minute routine for your next study session and prepare to be amazed by how much knowledge sticks.

Learning complex topics will feel less intimidating when tackled through this structured framework. It combines science-based study techniques for maximum retention and exam success.

You’ll retain far more than classmates who simply re-read notes or textbooks. And best of all, you’ll never need to pull an all-nighter again! Why not chat to an expert tutor at A Team Academy for more genius study tips?

The 90-Minute Study Hack That Will Make You a Genius

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