Preparing for IGCSE Success: A Month-by-Month Revision Timetable: Thorough IGCSE revision is key to maximising exam readiness and scores. Use this month-by-month timetable to pace your revision in the months, weeks, and days leading up to exam dates. Planning ahead helps ensure you systematically cover all topics and practice critical exam skills.

January-February: Comprehensive Topic Review

Start revision for May/June IGCSE exams as early as January. Begin with comprehensive topic review using class notes, textbooks, and study guides to refresh your memory on the entire IGCSE syllabus content. Consolidate foundational knowledge across all subjects through summaries, mind maps, diagrams, practice questions, flashcards, and self-quizzes.

March: Practice Past Papers

By March, shift focus to actively applying knowledge by practicing with IGCSE past papers. Mark schemes provide instant feedback. Mimic exam conditions, improving time management on each paper. Ask teachers to review papers and identify lingering weak spots needing more targeted revision. Update study plans addressing areas for improvement.

April: Targeted Revision

Use April for focused revision on the specific topics and skills identified as gaps in your practice papers and mocks. Revisit challenging concepts and attempt targeted questions to build mastery. Meet with tutors for individualized support strengthening any issues. Re-take practice tests to gauge progress in any problem areas.

May: Final Exam Preparation

In May, enter final intensive exam preparation mode. Sit mock exams under timed conditions covering remaining course content. Analyze errors and solidify understanding. Make summarised revision notes, flashcards, diagrams, and recordings to quickly review material. Practice exam day routine like packing equipment, arrival time, nutrition etc. Get plenty of rest.

Exam Period: Strategic Exam Practice

During the exam weeks, focus revision only on upcoming papers using your memorized materials. Avoid cramming new content. Drill formulas, definitions, and other facts the morning of each test. Stay relaxed, visualized success, and eat nourishing foods. Use spare moments to review flashcards and recordings between papers. You’ve got this!

Planning a strategic revision timetable reduces stress and ensures you methodically build exam readiness over months. Contact our IGCSE experts to start preparing or refine your personalised study schedule. Consistent practice and expert guidance lead to success!

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