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I want to just touch upon a few things that I think is quite relevant and maybe it has already occurred to you. So I thought I’d take the time to discuss it with you as well. Just before I begin, if you are new here to this channel, then this channel is all about student lifestyle, exam tips, advice. And as I am an examiner and dealing with exam related topics on a day to day basis. So if you’d like to stay updated and ahead on current issues and topics, then do go ahead and subscribe to the channel. As we are also looking to really amp up the content on this channel, and I’m really looking forward to some of the changes that will be taking place in a new future.

So do continue to support us in our efforts. There are so many different things that I like to get off my chest guys. In fact, I’ve actually held back a little bit recently. I mean, yes, a part of that has been down to how busy we’ve also been recently with, with the saga of collecting and sorting out all of the evidence for all of our students here. But also a part of me has felt the need to just take a backseat and reflect on a few things as well and let everything around us just similar in for a moment. It’s so easy to just jump and dive in as soon as something happens. And one thing that this global pandemic has taught me on a personal level is just how hysterical we can get as a people. I mean, whether it’s the panic buying all of the thousand and one conspiracies are floating around dwelling on the news and the recession or the anticipation of a second way, et cetera, et cetera, you get a picture it’s good to stay informed, but could there be such a thing as being always informed

I just seem to think as a generation of people would really need to learn how to quieten down a little bit and just take a period to just experience some silence. Because even though we’ve enjoyed this physical lockdown, I feel as though if anything would this existence of the mainstream media and when you couple that with a mighty capacity of social media, if anything, our minds have just been overwhelmed and overridden by the sheer capacity of information. And when you come to think of it, the vast majority of this information that we’re sucking in is in fact absolutely unnecessary as the majority of things don’t even materialize. So I think if we all just for a moment just gave our minds a little bit of respites and more room to experience its own form of a lockdown and just disconnect from it all. Then maybe we might come out with this thing a little bit more grown, a little bit more mature and embrace the nature of what surrounds us and just embody some peace of mind, detox the mind.

That’s what I put it anyway. That’s just something I wanted to share with you all now, moving on. So as a lot of you are aware, the government seems to be on this crazy mission or seems to be on this mission to try and enforce the opening of schools by the 1st of June, not even though I’m for this in a certain way, and I’ll explain just why shortly I can’t help, but wonder why they seem to be in this mindset of trying to enforce it upon everyone, as it seems to be a huge term of war taking place between councils and teacher unions, as they feel that schools aren’t quite ready. I mean, what are your thoughts regarding this situation Do you think school should be opening so soon or do you feel it’s, it should be right. It’d be great to see where you stand on this topic.

I can certainly understand both sides of the argument, but as I just mentioned, I do think the opening of schools, as long as it is safe to do so can in fact be a good thing. And the reasons for this are quite simply down to the fact that this lockdown has been excruciating, the exhausting. I think we’re all in congruence with that one, but as children and try and understand this, especially young children, the more they are confined in this state of mind, the impact can be tremendous psychologically. I mean, think about this for a second school, practically dictates a young kid’s life. It’s where they go and socialize and make friends and learn about the world and random through this medium now to have that completely removed away from them. And for a course of six months, if it goes on to September, can have severe negative consequences on them.

Things we won’t even realize until much after this is all over. So I think getting children to go into schools, not schooling as we once knew it, but maybe unlike a rotor system can help ease the transition and also allow schools to plan ahead for the future. Because if you keep schools shut until September, how they’re supposed to then adapt to this new way of life, again, look, feel free to leave your thoughts down below. And by all means, I may not be right on this one with my thoughts. So maybe I’m missing something or I’m not seeing the entire picture. So do let me know down below. Now, the next thing I wanted to touch upon was, or rather if some of you aren’t already informed about this is the abort, the leading agency that deals with examinations is currently in discussion. And you can very much get involved in this yourself.

If you go on to visit the website, and this is an open dialogue that they’ve created and it’s centered around the autumn exams, initially when exams all got canceled, there was this proposition that should you wish to sit your exams, then there would be an opportunity to do so in autumn. Well, they initially said September, but they seem to keep changing on the wording on everything. And look, I’m not looking to pick on them here. I fully get it. This is no easy task, no easy task by any means. So anyway, of course, are looking to decide in terms of how should these exams take place. Should it be condensed Should it be changed from the normal format Should all of the subjects that they were originally offered in June, July, should they sorry, major, should they be offered again Where would the current year Eleven’s I was supposed to be sitting exactly where would they be sitting , And likewise, the year thirteens that have also left. So there’s quite a number of logistical issues that surrounding this, and this is why this discussion is taking place. And there are some thought provoking questions that have been raised. So I will leave a link down below, so you can go and check it out again, share your thoughts down below, unless you exactly how you feel about this. I’ve also recently read an article about how the university of Cambridge is looking to conduct all of their lessons online next year. That’s quite phenomenal. I mean, think about it. If you sign up to go to university and one as colossal as a university of Cambridge, and if all the lessons are gone online, how does that work as a university experience And I’m sure others will follow the same sort of pattern as well. This has also made me think about the future of exams and tutoring in general as well.

what we’ve already done is designed a platform where you can access our lessons online. And what we’ve done is we’ve made it absolute completely free during this period, what it would have cost 700 pounds to access the scores. And we’ve made this all available to you at your fingertips where you can access it 24 seven. And that includes GCC mats, edible physics, and a little mathematics. So do go and check it out. You can go and visit ATM and get access to that. And also don’t forget to join the team by subscribing to this channel as we are going to be ramping up our content. So you really don’t want to miss out on that. My name is amine and I will catch up with you at another time.