Managing University Applications as a Home Schooled Student : Applying to university as a home schooled student presents some unique considerations versus those following traditional school routes. With proper preparation and planning however, you can ensure your home education background is viewed positively.

Research Requirements Early

Carefully research requirements for your desired courses and universities several years ahead of application time. Entry criteria may vary, so gather information directly from admissions teams.

Many specify certain GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level subjects and grades needed. Some require passes in specific standardized tests. Know exactly what’s expected so you can tailor your home studies well in advance.

Sit Public Examinations

Sitting standardised exams like GCSEs, IGCSEs and A-Levels through approved public exam centres demonstrates your abilities against national standards.

Even if not mandatory, taking respected qualifications makes your academic achievements easily measurable and adds credibility. Ensure your tutor prepares you thoroughly for these assessments.

Record Extracurriculars and Experiences

Alongside your academic profile, universities want to see you stretch yourself through extracurricular and community activities. These demonstrate passion, leadership and resilience.

Maintain detailed records of roles held, skills developed, events participated in and evidence like photos. Be proactive in seeking worthwhile opportunities and tracking growth.

Build Relationships With Tutors

Your tutors get to know your academic abilities, strengths and principles extremely well. Maintain positive long-term working relationships with them.

Their personalized letters of recommendation hold significant weight, providing reassurance about your quality as a student and person. Treat tutors with respect and keep them well informed about your goals.

Create a Personal Statement Early

The personal statement is a critical part of standing out. Universities want insight into your personality, motivations, experiences beyond academics and career aspirations.

Start drafting this 1-2 years before applying to fully refine the content. Be genuine, reflective and detailed. Have tutors and parents review multiple drafts and provide feedback.

Maintain Organized Records

Throughout your home education, maintain well organised records of syllabi covered, course transcripts, grades achieved, extracurricular certificates, school/community recommendations etc. Keep copies of important documents in one place.

This provides helpful evidence showcasing the scope and quality of your studies over the years. Universities want to see a commitment to learning.

Get Feedback on Application Drafts

Have trusted tutors and family members review your full university application – personal statement, predicted grades, academic records, test score reports and extracurricular evidence.

Get feedback on how admissions teams will likely view the overall package. Modify any part needing improvement. It’s important to quality check from other perspectives.

Visit Universities In Person

Make the effort to visit university campuses of interest during open house days to get a feel for the culture and environment. Take campus tours and chat to current students.

This gives helpful insights when deciding if a university is right for you. Demonstrating your interest by visiting also enhances your admission prospects.

Apply Strategically

Research application deadlines thoroughly and create a schedule to prevent a last minute rush. Apply well in advance to competitive courses. Have backup choices too.

Be strategic about using early application options or adjusted entry timelines if available. For US universities, apply for financial aid and scholarships early. Manage timelines diligently.

With proper diligence, home schooled students can thrive through the university admissions process. Stay organised, know requirements, follow advice, showcase your strengths and invest time into application components.

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