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What is up, everyone out there once again, I hope you are staying safe, sane, and sound. So as per usual, as soon as there is an update from the exams office, your boy Amin, relays that information onto you guys. This is why you should hit that subscribe button and a little trinket down below. You can stay informed and ahead of the rest. So guess what They find a new release, the results day announcement for both GCSE and edible and the dates are as follows for GCSE is the results will be released on the 20th of August, 2024. The eight level results will also be out on the 13th of August of 2020. In fact, after all of this talk about July and early August, these were the original dates anyway, and again, they have maintained that tradition of releasing results on a Thursday. I don’t really know why that is, but Hey, there you go.

You can not go ahead and make a note of that in your diary, your fault, or even your wall, if you want. No, I’m not going to repeat on the previous updates in terms of how teachers will be estimating grades, as you can check out those updates on the link above. So if you haven’t seen those, then where the hell have you been all this time Anyway, do go and check that out because it will put everything into perspective. However, what I am looking to address today is some of the new things that were released in this new documentation that was released at the end of last week, which I think has a few particularly interesting things to discuss. I’ve had a lot of you messaging me. And can I say at some really odd times, I mean, what are you doing at 3:40 AM in the morning

And why are you thinking about exams at 3:40 AM in the morning There’s others that have been DME me on Instagram writing comments down below. In fact, as some of you are genuinely concerned about this, to what I will be doing is another Q and a session tomorrow at 2:00 PM on Instagram. So do join me with your questions and in fact, get some of your friends to tag along with you as well. So look, I get the feeling there’s so much confusion about this purely because a lot of people are unaware of how grades are actually awarded even under normal circumstances, let alone during this crazy time. So let’s just step back for a second. And let me use an example. Let’s say, if you were to have sat your exams this year, some of you may well be aware that the marks that were allocated for last year’s June exams wouldn’t necessarily apply for this year.

Still don’t get that. What let’s say, for example, if you want to get a grade four for English last year, the marks to get that grade would have been 76 out of a total of 160 marks. However, if you were to have sat the same English language exams in November, 2019, you would have needed 79 out of 160 marks. That’s a whopping three extra marks to get the same past grade. Now, before some of you started losing the plot over that and heading straight across to Twitter, to bash them, trying to understand that the decision by the exam board so that every year, the allocation of grades is roughly the same. It’s a process that is called standardization, and it’s not supposed to be as fancy as it sounds as it is to try and make things consistent. Otherwise, there will be disparities between the years, examples, try and make the papers as fair as they can, but some years students find it more harder and other years they can find it a little bit easier.

This is why you’ll hear comments after exams have taken place about how great boundaries should be shifted up or down. This also maintains roughly the same number of grade fours, five, six sevens being awarded each year to students so that the education system is consistent and hasn’t lost its value. Neither has it become unfair for students over the years. As I mentioned, my past video, examples are requesting teachers to provide estimated grades for how you would have performed in the actual exams. Should they have taken place And there’s no way to prove this. This is exactly why they are called estimated grades. But guess what Off-course the latest papers States on average and across all subjects, only 43% of teachers estimated grades were actually accurate. And this study was conducted across thousands upon students. So in a nutshell, what this means is that teachers have an unconscious bias and tend to over predict for a lot of students.

So where does that leave you Since off call are aware of this and from what I just mentioned a little bit earlier, if exam board to start accepting the estimated grades as the actual grades, then this year by fall, we’ll have an abnormal set of results with everyone. Overachieving, not as much as I would want to celebrate with you on that. Unfortunately, we have to hold the party right there. Since the government wants to maintain the consistent pattern of previous years, they have introduced new statistical adjustments to ensure that grades can be awarded as fairly as possible. So one of the indicators they will be using is how your school did in the last three years. Thereby looking at the progress students have made there and using that as a correlation to how you’d perform. The next indicator they will look at is their sat scores of the current year levels.

And before anyone starts panicking, bear in mind, they are not looking at your individual sat scores, but rather how your cohort performed and using that as like a forecast of what the whole year data should look like and thereby getting an idea of how many grades fours, five, six, seven nines, et cetera, they should be distributing out for your thirteens rather than using the sites. They will be doing the same thing with your GCSE results and using this as an indicator to project the grades. And to be honest, this is nothing that is outstandingly new because this tends to happen behind the scenes, as they have been doing this to project national expected results for years. Anyway, I’m sure this will bring a little bit of relief for you as the government has announced that they will be awarding 2% more grades seventh, eighth, and ninth, and also with four and above will go up by 1%.

So after everything I just said, it’s quite apparent that they want to be as lenient as possible for this year group. Nothing’s been mentioned of a levels or such, but I’m pretty sure it will follow some sort of a similar pattern. And they’re looking for students to do a lot better than previous years. Just exactly as I had predicted in my previous video, one minute they are saying you won’t be awarded with grades. And another minute they’re saying now, well, we’ll do the same for you guys. In fact, the final decision is yet to be reached, but it looks more likely that if you are a year 10 student, then you will likely get your grades under the current system that is being adopted or the year 11, the government has all sorts stated. The same methods will be used to outline for private candidates so that you can be awarded with grades for this year series so that you’re not facing any disadvantage in any way, but for you private candidates, you really need to get in contact with your center, where you have signed up to do the exams to find out whether they can estimate your grades if they’re not able to do so, then you will most likely be sitting your exams in the autumn term.

What I hope that this satiates your first on this latest exam update, and if it hasn’t then do join me tomorrow on Instagram live to get the latest updates or to get any questions answered that you may have, make sure you subscribe to the channel. My name is amine and I will catch up with you another time.