Finding A-Level Subject Tutors for Home School Students: Expert tutors provide invaluable support for home schooled students tackling challenging A-Level subjects. Finding knowledgeable, engaging tutors tailored to your learning needs takes research and care.

Define exactly which A-Level subjects you require tutoring in.

Catalog all the subjects you are responsible for covering and specify which you are struggling with or need the most help understanding. Is it certain modules within a subject or the topic as a whole?

Be clear about the specific A-Level tutoring you need so providers can match you accordingly. Different specialisms exist.

Research reputable local and online tutoring companies.

Look for established tutoring companies with excellent track records for academic results like A-Team Academy. Welcomed industry bodies include the Tutors Association and PTP.

Online searches, directories, recommendations and company websites will highlight options. Consider home visit and remote webcam tutoring. Thoroughly compare service offerings and policies.

Check tutor qualifications, experience and vetting.

Verify all tutors hold degrees in their academic field from respected universities and have significant hands-on teaching experience ideally with exam marking exposure.

Reputable agencies vet tutors for full safeguarding compliance including background checks. Seek evidence profiles are authentic too. Meet tutors beforehand if possible.

Arrange trial sessions with potential A-Level tutors.

Many agencies offer introductory trials at low or no cost. Use trial sessions to assess teaching styles and personality fit beyond just qualifications on paper.

Observe how tutors explain concepts to identify who provides the clearest guidance tailored to your learning preferences. Quality matters more than cost.

Discuss your exam board, syllabus and weak areas.

Provide tutors upfront with details on your specific exam board, course syllabus and which modules or concepts you find particularly difficult. This allows them to tailor sessions accordingly.

Be honest about current grades, study struggles and academic concerns. The more insight tutors have into your challenges, the better support they can provide.

Set clear objectives for tutoring sessions.

Each tutoring meeting should target progressing your knowledge in defined modules and skills, not just generic discussion. Set specific learning objectives and material to cover.

Request tutors utilize goal-setting, concise explanations, practice questions, memory techniques and feedback to help you absorb and apply concepts.

Request structured approaches to recap and solidify learning.

The most effective tutoring reinforces knowledge gained through structured consolidation. Discuss recapping main points, self-testing questions, note reviews and assignments with your tutor.

Repeat key concepts every session and request resources to review afterwards to combat forgetting. Understanding should deepen cumulatively with each meeting.

Maintain regular communication between sessions.

In addition to the live tutoring meetings, ensure you can easily contact tutors inbetween with any questions by phone, email or messaging. Quick queries can then be promptly addressed.

Positive tutor-student rapport strengthens cooperation and outcomes. Discussing progress helps keep you accountable too.

Securing knowledgeable, vetted A-Level tutors experienced in maximising exam achievement will give home schooled students invaluable support. Align goals, share insights into your struggles and collaborate on structured learning approaches.

A-Team Academy is the perfect place for students who want to get ahead in their studies. Our free trial lessons and assessments are a great way to see if our teaching style is a good fit for you, we have experienced tutors that can help you reach your full potential.

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