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Look, I don’t know about you guys, but when that news came through ours devastated, I mean, my world literally came crashing down as I’m sure some of you must have also felt the very same way too. I get what’s going on out there, but at the same token, I just got held the thing that we will companion so much momentum. Me and my team will putting in an outstanding amount effort day after day. I mean, we had such an amazing run with 11 plus the November exams. And even more recently with the January exams and these summer exams were supposed to have been the greatest ever.

And then it just came crashing down within a split moment and all the decisions being made and the exams are canceled and I’ve come to terms with it. And I also understand that this is for the greater good. So today I want to go through the implication of the government’s decision on this and try and wrap up some of your questions on this matter. So do try and stick around until the end of this video, as we all are aware, the examinations for international, a levels IBS and a levels have all been canceled for the traditional summer dates of may and June of 2020. And the government has now implemented a set of guidelines to try and award the grades fairly so that no student is at a disadvantage. Not this. This is showing is bound to affect students differently. And in all sorts of ways, what I’d like to make very clear from this onset is that the grading system is not entirely based on predicted grades.

I want to make this very clear. As many people have been contacting me and making this assumption, there is a guideline that has been drawn, but it’s still not fully processed. As of yet. In fact, as an examiner myself, I’ve been liaising with the examples on a daily basis and the complete guidelines are yet to be released. However, with this outline that has been roughly drawn out, we have, we’ve got some sort of indication of what the government is seeking. So what do we, so what we do know is the following the exam boards have been assigned to ask the teachers who know the students to use their professional judgment and try and estimate what the student would have achieved. Should they have gone on to complete the exams Now the exam are very conscientious of the fact that teachers can stay either way in a sense that some teachers will be bias.

This isn’t to say that teachers are deliberately doing this as this is just a natural thing that we all that we’re all prone to. And this is exactly why your grades are not going to be solely based on the teacher’s judgment. So I just want you to rule that out before you start taking what your teacher says as the definitive results. As I’ve mentioned, the examples are very aware that teachers can under predict as well as over predicting cases. The latter, of course, being more prominent. Also, as teachers are going to be requested to provide information, they’re likely to be using mock results. Now we all know that the vast majority of us don’t take it too seriously, or don’t perform too strongly in these mock exams. And this is why these assessment guidelines can be a little bit hazy. Now how the exam board will process this information will most likely differ from subject to subject as well as from GCSE to a levels.

So, as I’ve mentioned, teachers have been asked to compile evidence sold that the examination boards can create an led true, accurate reflection of the student’s projected grades. But this can differ significantly from subject to subject, for example, from science to art, let’s say, but so that we don’t actually end up with loads of grade sevens, eights and nines off call, which is the overarching regulatory body for exams in the UK has stated that this year’s results will be no different to previous years in the sense that you will follow the same pattern, meaning the distribution of the grades will still be the same as previous years. So last year, for example, approximately 20% of students went on to achieve grade seven eights and nines. So this would mean that the same proportion of students will achieve these results this year. Also, the government has also stated that they will most likely be using the SATs test that students have sat in year six as one of the indicators to see what the students in previous years with the same scores have gone on to achieve and use that as an indicative score.

Now, in all honesty, this, in my opinion is tough to call since the gap between SATs and GCSE is humongous. And students all have a different learning cycle. For example, some accelerate when they’re younger and then dip and for others, it’s the opposite way around and they start slow and get better as they age, very few are consistent. So I don’t think this is a great measure, but you have to bear in mind that sat scores was an official assessment. It wasn’t a national assessment that they have access to and thereby they have other statistics that they can recollect from. So you can try and imagine that all of these statistics will be plugged into a calculator and a school will be awarded to the student. I want to reiterate that even teachers can be fully confident on what this actual grade will be. And consequently, this is why the government has set up an appeals process, which has been designated.

Should you wish to challenge your awarded grade Now moving on to a levels now very much similarly, a levels will be slightly different as they should be a lot more assessments in place and teachers will have progress, progress tests, and also ELO students will have the backing of official GCSE results. There’s also non examination assessments, courseworks available as well. One thing again that I want to make clear is that these grades that are going to be awarded are not going to be the same as a UCAS predicted grade. Since the examining block bodies are very well aware of UCAS, predicted grades, being overinflated, what will happen here is that teachers have been requested to provide evidence of some sort to back their opinions. And this is where it gets a little bit ambiguous, trying to understand that when this decision took place, most students have yet to complete the entire a level program, meaning that there is content that students have yet to complete.

And some colleges that I work closely with have in fact, hold students to continue and not to stop this studies since they could be asked to submit evidence of the remaining work because the examining body is you have to understand how yet to specify what it is that they are seeking in terms of this information that they’re looking to collect. A lot of teachers are telling students not to step off the gas pedal and this somewhat kind of makes sense. I’m, I’m also aware that some universities have now begun to award unconditional offers, but UCAS has also recently stepped in to put that to a halt. And just from this scenario, that’s playing out, you can see that different parties have their own agendas as to what they’re trying to do. So again, be mindful of the situation. And don’t just orientate with information that you like to sand off, because this is such a precarious time that no decision seems to be set in stone.

Anyway, the results are looking to be published in July. No date has been set as of yet. And I personally believe the whole reason it’s a month before the traditional route, which is usually in August, is purely to allow room for the appeals process. And also if people aren’t content with their results, then a brand new exam series is looking to be introduced at the start of the new academic year. Most likely to be in September or October at some time, I can’t see it being delayed any further than that because of other things like colleges and unis starting. But again, huge question marks arise as to how schools will accommodate for this purely because we don’t even know if schools will be open for them. And also if exams are taking place in September and October, how will they be preparing the students for this

So there’s many questions arising from this decision. And most definitely there’s going to be a host of ramifications. I don’t know how true this is, but I’ve been hearing that university universities may even consider condensing the first year to accommodate for the changes and possibly start at a later date. But again, so I would say at the end of the day, you’re the student and you know exactly where you stand. I’m trying to picture myself in the very same scenario and thinking back to my own A-level and GCSE journey and trying to put myself when I was 15, 16, or 17, 18, would I be happy with a grade being awarded Of course, it’d be nice if it was a great dive opened up and saw Annie Annie was to my liking. I’d probably accept that, but I know at some stage I’d want to sit the exam just more of a foot, more so for a psychological reason so that I know that I can prove to myself that I’m able to get these great look, this new system, this new system could prove to be advantageous for you, or it may not be.

And this is why I don’t say this lightly, or to try and jeopardize this so called breakthrough that you’re going through, but really can you consider it as a break or even a holiday I mean, if you look all around you, the cinemas are closed, the restaurants are shot. I mean the whole scene seems very gloomy and depressing. So, right. What I would suggest is whether your, your 11 or your 13 student, I would say as difficult as it is to even say this, or suggest this to you, I would say to continue selling, get your material complete and compile all your notes together. And maybe when it comes down to it, you can even use this as evidence to ensure that you’re not at a disadvantage from this new system that’s been introduced. So in that regards, you know, you will have something to show.

And when you do open up your grades in July, it may feel somewhat a little bit phony, a little bit of fake in the sense that it’s not a true reflection of what you’ve truly attained. So this is why I’m saying that you may want to continue on with that just in case you end up having to sit their exams. As some of you are aware, we are an exam center and many students have already started to put their names down for the September exams. We are just to find out what the actual guidelines and dates for these are going to be. And we will also want to completely ensure that if anyone wants to take up these, this opportunity, then regardless of what you think you’re going to get in July, we want to ensure that our fair and due process is available to everyone seeking this opportunity.

So I can’t speak on the behalf of other people or other organizations, but I know that we will, the first is sign up for these exams. So if you have any questions or you want to get in touch, then feel free to do so. And I will generally try and answer your questions as best as I can. Where again, to iterate, there are no further guidelines to how these grades will be awarded. And once this does become available, I will update accordingly. What I hope that you guys found this video to be of some value. Please do share it with others that could benefit from this information. And again, guys, I don’t make any additional revenue from making these videos so you can show your support by just subscribing to the channel. Thank you. Once again, my name is amine and I will catch up with you another time.