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So what is exempt stress and how to deal with it firstly, it’s important to actually realize why exam stress actually is exactly stress is actually not different to any other stressful encounter that you’ve come across in your life. Stress in general is your body’s way of communicating when you that something isn’t quite right. In fact, your brain and your nervous system is interpreting some sort of stimulus. I E in this case exams to be impeding your survival. This is why your body starts producing cortisol. And you’re going to this sort of a fight or flight mode, a scientific there is scientific backing that suggests that a litter, a lot, a good balance of anxiety and stress can actually yield better results for you. This is purely because at the end of the day, when you’re going through that stress, you want to react to that and hopefully produce a good outcome from that.

That gets you the results. However, there are some people sitting there probably thinking to themselves that you don’t want. I don’t actually get exempt stress. Well, there’s two things. Number one, you’re actually very acquainted with their examining process and you’ve developed, developed really good strategies. It doesn’t have to cope with it, and you’re always prepared and you’re very confident of your ability, hence why you don’t suffer from that level of stress, or alternatively, you’re one of those people that the stakes are just high enough exams all mean much to you because the results don’t mean so much to you. And this is why you can see from your own performance exactly why you’re not getting exempt stress. Now, there are some people that tend to suffer a little bit more severely than others when it comes to exempt stress. So for today’s video, I’m going to go through three easy but effective ways in terms of how you can deal with exam anxiety.

Notice, I’m not saying that you want to overcome it because that isn’t the purpose of this video. and in fact, my last suggestion will actually enable you to understand how you can use the actual anxiety itself to allow you to get better results. Okay So our brains are hardwired and extremely intelligent. In fact, we don’t actually realize just how intelligent we are, our minds, as intelligent as they are, are sort of our subconscious mind tend to register a lot of information, things that we’re not always aware of consciously. So let’s just say, and let me just try to illustrate an example here. Imagine you’re at a social gathering and your dress to impress, and there’s nine people that approach you and they compliment on the way that you look at this, this one despicable excuse for a human being comes up and actually has the nerve to criticize the way you look, even though you may downplay and act as, or it doesn’t bother you.

I’m pretty sure at the back of your mind, it will be there. And especially this is for the women. If there are any women watching this, you may know this, you may not want to talk about now, the point I’m trying to make, which relates back to what we’re talking about today is that our negative experiences can have a great impact on the way we deal with the future. And this is just the way we’ve been hard way to sort of maintain our survival. So let’s just say, for example, you conducted a driving test and you failed. There are a lot of people that once they failed the first time, they will have to undergo several tests to try and pass that test. And I’m not trying to say that their driving wasn’t the reason for this, but I can pretty much guarantee that some of that or a partial amount of that will be done to the mentality that they’ve undertaken to try, you know, from, from the first initial, attempts of trying to pass the test.

But when it comes to examine and anxiety, if you’ve got past experiences and you haven’t had such good results from the past, then what you need to try and do is you need to try and eliminate that negative thinking and pour those demons behind and start fresh and tell yourself almost psych yourself up to a point where this event that you’ll take in is completely independent to what you’ve experienced in the past. And this way you can reduce all of the negativity and he won’t eat at you every time that you’re sitting down to try and work every time that you’re, you know, every time you place yourself in that situation and be completely detached from what took place. That’s the main thing I’m trying to get out. You need to detach yourself from any past negative encounters that you’ve experienced. So my next tip is that you need to be well prepared.

This is quite self explanatory. So if you’re one of those people watching this right now, and you’re moaning and groaning about anxiety, anxiety, and you’re not doing anything about it, then I would actually suggest that you stop watching this video. In fact, what you could do is subscribe to the channel and go back to my video on procrastination and check that out because quite clearly you’ve got other issues going on. So I’m not going to go into depth on this one, purely because like I said, this is self explanatory, but what I will say is that your preparation is not down to how fancy your notes are or how pretty your room looks with all the posters around it, or how presentable and your desk finally is the day before the exam. You’d be actually surprised how many students go off on tangents pretending to study, or even actually studying, but not knowing what the content of the exam is going to be.

In fact, I get a lot of parents approaching me and saying, I mean, I haven’t seen my kid in three months, the middle locked away, the room barely eaten, you know, barely seen any sunshine. and my response today is what clearly they haven’t been doing what you think they were doing. My next step is that you need to practice again, very self explanatory, but you’d be very surprised in terms of how many people actually follow this through. And what I mean by exam practice is not that you sit with your friends and do together. Not that you sit on your bed, you know, listen to music. What you’re doing, what I actually mean by practice is that you actually sit down mimicking test conditions. So you, you know, you’re time yourself. you do under test conditions, in the format of the actual test.

And then if you have access to the mock SIM, you can mock yourself, or you can even get someone else to mock it for you. If you did this and repeat this a couple of times, I can guarantee you that the anxiety exam anxiety that you have will be completely nominal after this. And as I mentioned earlier, in terms of how you can use your exam anxiety to work in your favor, if you did this a few times, not only would you be able to handle the actual exam a lot more with a lot more ease, but also you’d be able to sort of reflect upon where you’re at at the moment and try and improve on that. Believe it or not, I’ve come across a number of students that are willing to sort of stay in this sort of self deluded state, where they will actually avoid sitting mock exams purely because they want to try and perfect the actual exam.

And they don’t want to show their weaknesses. They don’t want to show you or show themselves exactly where at what stage of that. And in fact, what they’ll do is they’ll keep avoiding doing this because they want to project this sort of aura of invincibility. And this is why when it not only does this only add to the exam anxiety on the actual date, but what you’ll also find is that the results also reflect this. What I hope that you’ve had some of these tips quite useful, and you can not go ahead and implement them within your own study sessions. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment down below. My name is amine and I will catch up with you left time.