GCSE Mathematics


GCSE Mathematics

As an Exam Centre we’ve seen and guided students through the various specifications for A-Level Maths and we’ve translated our teaching practices into a fully developed and concise GCSE Maths Programme.

Our brand new Online GCSE Mathematics Course covers the content for both Foundation and Higher level Maths. This course aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and techniques to provide a foundation of mathematical skills for further study. Through studying this course, you will become more confident in applying mathematical techniques and concepts to solve problems and you will develop an understanding of the importance of maths in everyday life.

• 100% Flexible; study at your convenience
• Access available 24/7, 365 on your phone, tablet or laptop
• Can directly message our tutors who will respond to your specific questions
• Unlimited support and ongoing updates to the programme
• Join a community of like-minded learners
• Complete the entire syllabus at your own pace


This course is designed for students sitting the GCSE Mathematics specification for Edexcel (1MA1) and AQA (8300) Foundation and Higher syllabuses. The course can be studied from anytime from 9 months to 24 months and students can expect to attain grades 9-4 from studying this programme. For Examination arrangements please get in touch.

Who this course is for

There are no essential pre-requisites for this programme but it may make it easier to have a relatively good knowledge in basic mathematical concepts. This course would suit anyone studying towards their GCSE Maths programme as a full-time, part-time or independent student.

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