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BORED? How to deal with BOREDOM | COVID-19 (LOCKDOWN) |

It’s a feeling we all seem to dislike. It makes us feel super uncomfortable, irritated in some cases, and can actually end up affecting our entire moods to such a point where it can feel somewhat depressing in this video. I’m not looking to suggest five or 10 different ways to overcome boredom. The idea here isn’t necessarily to overcome boredom, but rather to understand, or to come to terms with the affects of boredom, because essentially we can never totally avoid boredom. And in all honesty, that shouldn’t necessarily be the objective either. But before we look to avoid falling into the pitfalls of despair, I think it’s actually worth exploring the depths of boredom and what it has to offer.

Firstly, what is boredom It’s not that you have nothing to do, but rather the options available to you don’t seem to be sold appealing. They don’t trigger a level of excitement. And hence we find them mundane and label things as being boring, think of a lecture or a lesson you sat in a meeting or perhaps the inability to just go out and do whatever it is you want. See boredom is like our response in wanting to do more. Essentially, this means that we feel like the options available in front of us are somewhat disappointing. It’s as if these options are not impressive. And as true as this may be, there could be an underlying lesson to take behind boredom. Should we wish to take another perspective on it See, we’re living in a world where essentially there’s no room to feel boredom. If you’re sitting around waiting to catch a flight somewhere, the first thing we all do is to pull out our phones.

I look for stimulation to avoid feeling underwhelmed. You could almost see it, like if you weren’t to be doing this, then you’re going to be perceived as being odd and you’ll stick out in a lot of ways. I know who wants to be seen as being weird, but could we be looking at boredom in the wrong way See, when you have limited options available to you, you have one of two decisions to make either to disengage with the available option or to actually engage. You see when certain things are taken away from you. You can start to actually connect with the limited resources in front of you. And the beauty of it all is that it can, in a lot of ways, propellers into becoming more creative, just give a young child and little toy and see what they can conjure up to. This is a prime example of using boredom to your advantage.

When we are limited, our minds tend to prosper. However, when we have an abundance of things, our minds are overwhelmed and we start to see the most dopamine rewarding option that is available to us. And this is why activities that don’t have the same level of excitement, tend to disappoint us, making us feel bored. A lot of us are currently in a situation right now where our freedom to move around has been restricted. And this of course has frustrated many of us, but when we see what it is that we have in front of us, I’m sure you’ll agree that we can utilize this time to do things that we wouldn’t normally consider doing without having people judging us or feeling as though we need to impress others. This is a brilliant sign to connect with. Not only those closest to us, but probably much more importantly, to make a conscientious effort to connect with ourselves because often or not in this fast paced attention grabbing world, we live in the person that often gets neglected.

The most is our very own selves. And we tend to give everything else our valuable attention, but leave ourselves devoid and empty from receiving this valuable asset. This is why when there is nothing in front of us, and we’re quick to label things as being boring is often because we’re afraid of what’s left behind in the dark when everything else has been removed from it. And this scares us to the point where we’d rather avoid coming face to face with this reality. So the message that you should be taken away from this video is that boredom shouldn’t always be something you’re trying to avoid, but rather something you can embrace and utilize to your advantage. There’s a genuine beauty of having to face a challenge like of which boredom presents, and it could actually lead to something rather special and endearing that we wouldn’t have known. Should we have not been faced with this inadequacy to begin with I hope that you found this content to be a value. And once again, thank you for watching and also do consider subscribing to the channel. My name is amine and I will catch up with you another sign